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EA kicked off 2016’s E3 week with its new EA Play event and sports games played a major part of the conference. Madden and Fifa 17 scored much of the presenters’ time and for good reason. Both franchises are two of Electronic Arts’ biggest money makers. Madden has had its ups and downs over the years, but Madden 16 overcame great strides with new modes like Draft Champions and gameplay changes with juke moves – all of this taking advantage of the brand new Frostbite engine. Here’s the full breakdown of all of the modes and features within Madden 17 that we know so far.

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The Sims 3

When Sims 4 came out on September 2, 2014 Electronic Arts’ focus shifted to promoting the brand new game. Despite the updated game, a lot of avid simmers have decided to stick with Sims 3. It seems like Electronic Arts hasn’t forgotten about the outdated game just yet either.  A few days ago, they announced that there would be an update to the game that would add extra features to the launcher. With the update installed, at start up you can choose what expansion and stuff packs you want to load into the game when you press play. I’m sure that it’s an attempt to lessen lag and keep things a bit more organized once you’re actually in game, but from what I’ve heard, many fans are not pleased with this update.

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NBA 2K15

Well, gamers, October is almost over, and a lot of games have come and gone. As always, though, there were many surprise hits that flew under the radar. Yet for sports fans, October isn’t over yet. EA’s highly anticipated NBA Live 15 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 drops this Tuesday and will either prove to be a great addition for the NBA Live series or will crash and burn with a disappointing review and a lackluster game.

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Before I Dive Right In…

After many speculations, E3 reveals, and leaked gameplay footage from the alpha build of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft finally lifted their embargo and unleashed info videos with the actual beta to PC and Xbox One users. I have looked at loads of footage from YouTube, and live previews and reviews by commentators who were flown out to actually play the game at a press event held by Respawn a few weeks ago.