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hostile gamers

When business people refer to the gaming market as ‘hostile’ they aren’t just talking about the competition. Consumers themselves make it a hostile market because when avidĀ gamers see a commercial, hear a game being announced, or get a release date, suddenly they become personally involved. Every delay and minor glitch is a personal offense and the game company, both indie and AAA, has to pay for it in hostile words. This needs to stop. GamesRadar had an entire article about why people hate Activision, which boiled down to no reason at all except they wanted to.

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Making A Game in 1 Month is Hard

I am not a programmer. Let’s just start by establishing that. I am also not an artist. I am a writer. That said, it might surprise you if I were to say I made a game in less than a month. It might be even more surprising for me to say I did it all by myself. Well, I had a little help from my friends in a couple of ways, but I did all of the actual game development myself for the Indie Game Making Contest (IGMC) this year. Impressed?

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Siobhan Reddy GameReactor

Just by commenting about how women are being treated in the gaming community and the workplace or take a pro-women in gaming stance can easily start a men vs women war in a comment thread. Polygon.com, known for their “debates” and also for their gorgeous web design, posted an article titled “How to attract more women in game development“. Immediately there were negative comments and comments that side-stepped the issue mentioned in the article to making it about “how to attract ANYONE in game development”. Of course these comments were made by male gamers.