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On todays episode of Let’s Get Crunk, Jaleesa discusses one of the craziest weekends in sports history. Every sports fan had something to watch last Friday and Saturday with the NFL’s 2015 Rookie Draft, The NBA First Round Game 7 Playoff featuring the Los Angeles Clippers and defending champions San Antonio Spurs, to one of the biggest boxing matches within the last decade between Manny Pacquiao and undefeated champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Let’s see what Jaleesa has to say about this event in full.

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2K Sports has finally fixed some of the biggest issues NBA 2K15 has had since launch. The new patch is now live for download for the Xbox One (945 MB) and the PlayStation 4 (940 MB). The patch was released for PC last week. The new fixes include a large number of improvements and overall fixes to MyGM, MyLeague, MyTeam, face scanning, animations and most importantly, gameplay.

Check out the full details below.

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Community manager Ronnie2K took to Facebook to detail the return of MyParks Mode in NBA 2K15 for current generation consoles and PC. MyParks mode was first revealed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year. It was a huge success in some ways and in some ways it failed to capture the authenticity of real street ball. In 2K15, the 2K Sports developers revamped Park mode and now we can clearly see last year’s Park mode was the foundation of a future endeavor.  Friday, Ronnie2K and LD2K also known as Chris Manning, held a another large scale live stream with a major emphasis on MyCareer mode and MyPark. After the stream, Ronnie informed fans that a full-fledged write-up about the mode would be posted on their Facebook page just in case you missed the details. Here is the complete breakdown of MyParks and 2 modes within MyPark called The Stage and The Jordan Rec Center.

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NBA 2K15

recent article highlighted 44 new details on NBA 2K15. They talk about everything from MyLeague, MyCareer, presentation, 2K Heroes mode, and a lot of other things. After sitting down with senior producer Rob Jones in their interview, Game Informer discussed what they played of NBA 2K15 and what they learned from Jones. Below are some of the key features that I feel stick out the most in each category. These new details may make 2K15 one of the best sports games to come out in 2014.

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NBA 2K15

In the last few months, the team at 2K Sports have been on a tear with news on NBA 2K15. With only 3 weeks until launch, community managers LD2K and Ronnie 2K have been revealing news with fans on their weekly Twitch streams. This year will be the second year that 2K has brought the series to current generation consoles which adds much speculation and many questions on how far the team will push NBA 2K15 to the next level. NBA Live 14 was their first taste at competition since NBA Live 10. NBA Live 14 didn’t bring its A game and NBA 2K14 had loads of problems pertaining to launching on new hardware on new engines – although well-received.

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Crew Mode = Wishful Thinking

It has been 4 years and counting since 2K Sports got rid of the beloved “Crew Mode” that made waves in NBA 2K11. Fans have been requesting that mode on message boards and even made YouTube videos about it. But, for the past few years all we got were crickets from community manager’s LD2K and Ronnie 2K. Last year we thought 2K might do something huge for the now current consoles and would give hoopers a feature back that they loved most. We got a crew mode, but it wasn’t what a Crew Mode enthusiast would say was a real crew mode. The customization wasn’t as expansive as we would have liked, referees were a no-show, simulation play-calling and gameplay elements were dumbed down, and they took out arenas and put it on Blacktop, a 3 on 3 mode, and called it MyCrews.

In my opinion, this mode was a disgrace to the original Crew Mode. After this and the let down for the Parks Mode, an upgraded version of 2K13’s Blacktop mode, I really thought 2K11’s Crew Mode wouldn’t ever return. Boy, was I wrong.

The Return of Crew Mode

Now lets fast forward to current day. 2K utilizes their twitch at least once a week. They usually provide announcements or just talk to the community in these streams. Last Tuesday after a largely anticipated stream, fans looked forward to new news about NBA 2K15. During the live stream, LD2K and Ronnie 2K talked about the community team up that was held last weekend. During their commentary, they reflected on a certain mode – wink, wink – Crew Mode, that used to incite the same feeling of competitiveness and overall teamwork. Later in the stream, LD2K and KSpadeTheProspect, the Crew Mode Ambassador in the YouTube 2K community, dropped the biggest atomic bomb – but with a catch. Crew Mode is returning, but only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at this time. He also gave some specific details on the mode and a few screen shoots of the details.


Check Out The 2K15 Crew Mode Rundown:

  • Crew mode will feature 5 vs. 5 matches.
  • The full NBA rules are back on a hardwood floor, which will also include the home team’s logo.
  • Custom jerseys will make a return.
  • You will be able to start 5 vs. 5 hardwood matches with 3, 4, or 5 players.
  • 3 vs. 3 half-court blacktop matches are available or you can select NBA Rules for 5 vs. 5 (just like in 2K11’s crew mode).
  • If you have 3, your game will auto fill the missing positions with players from the team you chose.
  • You will be able to select where each player’s position is. For example: If you are a SG, you can select it and the A.I. will fill in the missing positions you don’t take.
  • The fill players will be NBA players from the team you selected when creating the crew.
  • When you create your crew, you will be able to select an NBA team, as well as team playbook.
  • Leaderboards are finally back.

If you missed the live stream click here.

Just The Beginning

It is  bitter-sweet that Crew Mode was only announced for last generation consoles, but for  2K11 crew lovers, it doesn’t even matter. 2K Sports  isn’t stupid. They want gamers to double dip and if crew mode is only on Ps3, Xbox 360, and PC then I can guarantee that people will buy both versions – including myself. Out of all of the details, the ones that stick out to me are that we’re finally heading back to NBA simulation play-calling and the use of playbooks. Another big deal in 2K11 crew mode – playing in arenas and leaderboards, just tops the cake.

So now whats next for 2K in the coming months is the question. I keep asking myself, after this live stream what else do they have planned for 2K15’s current generation version? There was no mention of any current generation 2K news in the stream, but LD2K did mention that later this week, the NBA 2K15 Ps4 & Xbox One trailers will be revealed by none other than cover athlete, Kevin Durant.

Update: The official sizzle trailer dropped on Durant’s Instagram with the hash tags “ for PS4 coming 10/7″ and ““.


Check out the trailer here.

So 2K Sports fans, what are your thoughts on the newly announced return of Crew Mode? Are you worried that crew mode wasn’t announced for current generation consoles? Would you like to see it in the future?

Sound off in the comment section below!

Photos courtesy of TheLeagueNews.Us.

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Last year, 2k Sports released NBA 2k14 with a new in-game engine and a story mode for your MyPlayer in  MyCareer mode. They also included an old feature called real voices. With real voices, certain players and coaches from NBA teams would conduct pre-game and end of game interviews on the side lines, but the voices were not implemented into the MyCareer mode at all with the exception of cover athlete Lebron James.