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Nintendo Switch Presentation

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Nintendo Switch Presentation

Join Nia Pierce, Founder/Editor-in-Chief and host of E-I-C Speaks, react live to the Nintendo Switch Presentation that will be airing tonight at 8PM PT/10PM CT/11PM ET. Nia will be streaming prior to the event at 7:15PM PT/9:15PM CT/10:15PM ET to chat with and answer your questions on predictions and other Nintendo related discussion. Nia is also welcoming discussion on what what you’d like to see from Nintendo during this event.

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On Twitter, Nintendo revealed there will be a Nintendo Switch presentation in January giving full details. The console itself is exactly what the rumors were saying it would be. It’s a handheld/home console hybrid with detachable controllers and a docking station that transmits images to your TV. In the preview trailer, they showcased the versatility of the device and the types of games it could potentially play, ranging from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a new 3D Mario game, or even more shockingly, a Bethesda title on the same caliber as Skyrim.