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At this year’s Playstation Experience, I was also able to get my hands on many different games. One of them being Horizon: Zero Dawn which I have been looking forward to since it was announced. Talk about a gorgeous looking game! Youtube videos does not do this game enough justice. My number one question going into the demo was does this game play as great as it looks? and before long into my hands on experience, I had my answer: Yes, yes, and more yes!

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We are in the dawn of a new era folks! The year 2016 will mark the beginning of virtual reality, the future of gaming. The Oculus Rift is prepared to secure a #1 spot in the VR market, but it’s going to have to deal with colossal competition. Gaming powerhouse Sony is preparing to unleash the PS4 Virtual Reality Headset in October 2016, but they’ve got another strategy to knock down the revolutionary Goliath. No release date is set but Giant Bomb learned that all game developers must include a Base Mode for regular PS4 games and NEO mode for PS4K games by October. The evidence discovered by Giant Bomb links to a possible October release. If true, an October release would coincide with the release of the VR. Regardless of its release date, Sony’s going to have to put out all the stops to top the Oculus Rift. The Oculus already began selling units in March and were shipping out pre-orders by January! The Rift may have already gained a head start, but Sony may have time to oust their competitor.

Sony already seems to  have two things going in their favor:


Rumored to Be Cheaper than the Rift


Will the PS4K truly match the price of its predecessor?


Despite pre-order sales and an early year release, only 18% of consumers will pay $500 for the Rift. With the PS4 VR retailing at $399, the PS4VR is already $10o+ cheaper than the Oculus Rift. To further place the scales in Sony’s favor, the PS4K is rumored to also be priced at $399. Of course, things change, but if Sony makes the PS4K  as affordable as the PS4 and VR, they’ll have a definite edge over the Oculus.


The PS4K: The Ultimate HD Virtual Reality Experience


Along with having greater, CPU, GPU, and memory capacity, the console will support 4K (Ultra High Definition) technology and virtual reality. The PS4K will improve the PS4 VR experience to provide what Sony promises will be a “high-end virtual reality experience”. In one gaming session, gamers will be getting 23 times the resolution  that’s offered during the usual PS4 gaming session. With the PS4 VR’s 120 Hz and 90Hz refresh rates surpassing the Rift, the resolution could go up to infinity and beyond. The PS4K’s hardware will also be equipped to handle such large framerates in order to give gamers such a high-end experience.


Will Sony Be the King of Virtual Reality? 


While  Sony’s prepared to do battle in this challenging new era, they’ll need to drop the negativity in order to beat their competitors. With a positive attitude and a little help from their loyal PlayStation supporters, Sony may very well be the top name in virtual reality gaming.

What do you think about PSVR? Do you think it’ll top its competitors? Let us know!

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2015 has come and gone and 8th generation consoles are continually flourishing. Hardware numbers, and more importantly software sales, are up from last generation – which is great for the companies. This is driving the industry forward. As a gamer, it’s always a treat to know what’s coming for all companies and compiling that most anticipated list. Third party titles make up a large chuck of a console’s library, but for most gamers it’s always the exclusives that keep them coming back to their preferred console of choice. For me in 2016, Sony has a barrage of first and third party titles coming that interest me. From older IPs like Uncharted 4 to new and exciting IPs like Horizon: Zero Dawn, finally after 2 years first party content is stepping up and bringing some heat to the PlayStation games line up.

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Dark Souls Monster Hunter Action Games Preview

Lately I’ve been in a daring mood that leads me to try things I wouldn’t normally pick up. For example, a little less than a week ago I decided to give Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate another try after letting it gather dust on my shelf for a year. A few hours later I was wondering to myself why I ever even put the game down in the first place. Fighting those massive monsters has a charm to it that I can’t really put my finger on. These creatures are completely unique and highly dangerous. You have to spend time learning their attack patterns and attacking only when there’s an opening. When it all comes down to it, the game is highly based on your skill and mastery of the game mechanics.

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Just a day before Playstation Network’s scheduled maintenance, PSN is down due to a DDoS attack. Originally it was reported that a group called the “Lizard Squad” were responsible for the hacking. However, now it appears that the real culprit is taking responsibility. FamedGod had this to say on twitter: