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This year in particular, E3 week has been incredibly exciting. Our very own Erica was fortunate enough to witness the happenings first hand. One portion of that is an interview she conducted with Andy Hall, lead writer for Total War: Warhammer, a mashup of The Creative Assembly’s Total War series’ iconic gameplay and Game Workshop’s Warhammer’s atmosphere. In the interview, Andy discusses with us the idea surrounding the latest installment of Total War and what gamers can expect. Erica also asks questions about the Total War series that some of you newcomers may want to know upon the games release. Andy Hall reveals that Total War: Warhammer will be the first of a trilogy. Please watch the video interview below for all of the details.

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What was so significant about 9/9/99? Other than the coincidental overload of ‘9s’ for one date, the U.S. release of what was and still continues to be my all-time favorite console, Sega’s Dreamcast. This console, tragically, was Sega’s final attempt at console production, and turned out to be a failed fiasco … on the market. Only two years after its initial U.S. release, in 2001, Dreamcast was discontinued and pulled from the shelves.

Sega turned one of my all time favorite games into a franchise that no one gives a damn about. This shouldn’t become as a shocker since Sega did it to Sonic The Hedgehog franchise with one of the worst games ever made, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006). Nights: Into Dreams deserved sequels, an animated movie and/or a television series. It was that good, but unfortunately it came out on the wrong system, the Sega Saturn. A very powerful machine with graphics that was unmatched at the time. Nights caught my eye and it was a system seller for me. I brought the system just for that game.

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Retro month is underway here at SheAttack and what better way to celebrate than with a top 5 retro console list! My ultimate favorite console is an automatic answer that never changes but it’s the other consoles that I switch around, then switch around again. Don’t we all? There’s so many great ones to choose from. Regardless, these top 5 are here because of the games they had, and the amazing memories they gave me. So here we go, here is my top 5 favorite retro consoles!

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Not only is Sonic Boom the next installment in the series, but it seems to serve as a reboot of sorts. The crew has been redesigned. The main difference is that Sonic is taller, thinner and wears a scarf. It looks fine to me. The only thing that seems odd is how Knuckles is suddenly a beefy, muscular echidna. I prefer his old design. But don’t worry. Amy is still pink with eyelashes and a dress – just in case you didn’t realize she’s female!

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Super Retro Trio Console

Innex is releasing its anticipated system, Super Retro Trio, this year. The system was expected to release last year, but was delayed due to “mapping concerns” on the first few samples received by the distribution Innex. The system is expected to play NES, SNES, and Genesis game cartridges.

According to ABC News, “the Super Retro Trio is equipped with three cartridge slots, six controllers, an AC adapter, and one S-video/Av cable. Polygon reports the console will be like it’s competition, the Hyperkin RetroN5 which includes “a cartridge add-on that supports original Game boy Advance games and works with an original SNES or any third-party 16-bit console (and) retailed for $39.99″. The Super Retro Trio is expected to retail for the price of $69.99 and run for the price of $89.99 in a bundle package.

This system is “slated to launch in mid to late March 2014, according to a press release from distribution Innex,” reported Polygon.

Innex President Titi Ngoy states “We stand behind our products. There is no room for less than the highest level of satisfaction”.

This system is a retro gamer’s paradise and gamers like me look forward to purchasing a system that brings back childhood memories. This system is also beneficial to game collectors who no longer have to leave their old game cartridges hung up on the shelf and could put good use to it. While I still have my SNES system, this system makes it easier to pull out the game, rather than pull out each system individually.

The addition of having a larger amount of controller ports and cartridges are convenient for gamers who like to play in groups. Sure we have the ability to download emulators and play all the classic games, but nothing beats a system that can play Mario Kart and switch over to playing a game like the Sega Genesis version of The Lion King. While this system is no competition to its 8th generation counterparts, it is a hidden treasure for those that still play original cartridges. For the price of $70 dollars, we can pull out our old games, collect even more of them, and enjoy them on a system that can play them all. This is definitely one purchase I look forward to making – of course after the first wave of reviews.

What are your feelings on the Super Retro Trio?

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After the last Aliens game, I’m sure several of us are a little wary of anything affiliated with that particular IP. With that being said, I personally have high hopes for Alien: Isolation. Not only does the game throw away the typical action/adventure formula that most triple-A studios seem to go for or attempt to adhere to, Alien: Isolation imitates certain popular indie horror trends that I personally prefer over those found in larger titles such as the more recent Resident Evil installments. Alien: Isolation feels like a true survival horror game, more in the vein of games like Amnesia. 

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Potential Spoiler Warning
After approximately 50 hours, I finally was able to beat the main story of Hyperdimension Neptunia, and what a long 50 hours it was. Before this game I was unfamiliar with the dungeon crawler genre, and this game certainly thrust me right into it, changing how I approached the game. While this game is not ‘bad’ it certainly drags on at times with one of the only saving graces being the funny side-stories and cute characters.

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Rhythm games are nothing new for us in North America with DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and Dance Central, but Project Diva f is one that you can play without moving your body virtually at all. It uses the directional buttons, L and R sticks, and the X, O and etc which means you could play it laying upside down in a chair if you wanted to (and if you were really awesome at the game). Starring the talents of the Vocaloids this game has Japan written all over it.