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Final Fantasy XV’s May update includes a survey that asks for what DLC you want to see in the future. Along with some other minor features like bug fixes and snapshots added to Hammerhead, Square Enix added a survey to the main screen of the game’s menu that allows players to vote on what they’d like to see in a future DLC. The survey screen tells players that “Items that receive many votes may be included in future updates.”

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There has been a debate going around about patching in content after a game is made, released, and sold. I’m not talking about DLC, oh no, what I mean is content that should have been in the game originally, but was cut out due to constraints of some sort and being added into the game free of charge later on.  Perhaps the most prominent example of this is Final Fantasy XV, which only a few weeks ago, got it’s first patch of additional content.

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Oh what a year this shall be for Square Enix and Final Fantasy fans!

Since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced in 2006, fans have been anxiously awaiting for any tiny shred of news on unreleased game, Final Fantasy XV. On March 30th, 2016, nearly ten years after its announcement, Final Fantasy fans would finally have the news they’d been waiting for!

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2016 is going to be an immaculate year for Japanese Role Playing Game fans across the globe!  While there are numerous JRPG titles launching this year, I have accumulated a list of my top 3 highly anticipated JRPGs that are set to release in 2016. Be prepared to immerse yourself into numerous worlds, new and old, as these titles fly off the shelves this year.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s mid-June, which means that yet another E3 has come and gone. Gamers across the globe tuned into online live stream conferences to get their fix on the biggest gaming news and announcements of the year. From long awaited new entries into cult favorite series such as Kingdom Hearts and Mirror’s Edge, to info on new IPs like The Last Guardian and Horizon Zero Dawn, this year’s E3 was packed with all kinds of games for almost any fan. Here’s a look at 10 games to watch from E3 2015: