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Supernatural Happenings Plus Kids = Profit

Remember when you watched those movies with those kids in it? You know, the ones where they would go off to a school for homecoming? Or a haunted cabin in the woods? Or an abandoned camp? And remember the character building scenes at that party, or prom dance, when they had not a care in the world? Or something that just made you wonder when the good part was coming? And then all of a sudden, BAM! A slasher comes and starts hacking those kids to pieces or a ghost starts to haunt them to death or something crazy like that. Now those carefree teens have to find a way to survive without dying. Do you remember? Well buckle up ladies and gents cause Oxenfree is going to take you back through those movies. Well…sort of anyway.

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Gamesoft’s debut title Clockwork is finally coming to PC next month! It will be available on the Steam Store worldwide on October 10, 2016 with the Mac OS release to follow shortly after. It will be available for $14.99, with an additional 20% launch week discount to reward fans for their continued patience and support during the development process.

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Multiplayer and co-op capability are some of the most popular features in video games. After all, who doesn’t like playing games with their friends? Whether you’re teaming up with your friends or playing against them, here are five awesome co-op and multiplayer games worth checking out.

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This War of Mine

The Other Side of War

When we hear the word war, we automatically think of the military fighting the other side for a cause and is trying to defeat the “enemy” the best way that they can. We think of the fighting and hassle of the military out there. We think of the violence and killing. What we fail to take into account most of the time is the other side of the war: The people. How are the people affected? What do they do during the war? Don’t they know that it is bad out in that territory that the war is? Why don’t they get out of there? What are they doing? Well this game will finally answer the age old question of what happens to the civilians of the city who are trapped during the war.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and there are couples everywhere. There are tons of articles floating around the wonderful web about what gifts to give for V-Day, what romantic things to do for V-Day and what are the hottest romance films to watch this Valentine’s season. What about the people who don’t have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? Why can’t we have an article for them? Well, here it is! For those that are sitting at home this Hallmark holiday season, get ready to have a great night doing what we do best – playing video games. However, not just any video game, simulation dating games (also known as sim dating games.) If you can’t go out with a special someone, why not have your own special waifu come to you virtually? Here are five dating sim games to play this Valentine’s Day!

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A great game that harks back to the early Metroid era.

Xeodrifter Indie Review Renegade Kid

Renegade Kid has hit the indie market again this month with their newest game: XeodrifterXeodrifter is an action-platformer set in space, that brings to mind older games such as Metroid and Mega Man. At its core, it’s a quirky game that offers a solid challenge for players old and new to action platformers. The monsters only serve to get harder and bigger while the bosses learn and grow as you progress.

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The Boston-based Glass Knuckle Games is making a name in the video game industry.

BOSTON – While Dave Gedarovich may still be in college, he is already the cofounder of a company that generates thousands of dollars in revenue.

The Northeastern University senior cofounded the game company Glass Knuckle Games in 2012 with fellow Northeastern student Brett Davis while the two were on coop.