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Avoid disappointment by limiting your expectations to what you know.

There’s nothing quite like a new game release. Whether for the gameplay mechanics, better graphics, or new ideas, you’re hyped. Maybe you’ve been waiting for a game as long as you can remember, or maybe this is the grand finale of your all-time favorite franchise. No matter what it is, the Hype Train has left the station, and it’s not making any stops until the game is in your possession.

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If you told little Alyson, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on a Saturday morning playing Pokemon Stadium, that one day her life would include random quiz shows, she’d probably ignore you and go back to wiping the arena floor with Mewtwo. But lo and behold I and many others run into the strange phenomenon of having to prove I’m worthy of that Metroid shirt. Can I even name another bounty hunter besides Samus? I didn’t realize when I put that Totoro hat on this morning that I was supposed to study up on my anime history. Fellow enthusiasts questioning your nerd-cred leans more toward women, but I’ve witnessed men undergoing the same strange ritual of naming off obscure background characters and information to prove that they were, indeed, a proper fan. Its a fun little trend often referred to as gatekeeping, as if it was our duty as comic book readers and joystick junkies to keep out the “fake” fans – the fans that are only there because its “cool”.