Tera – Secrets and Shadows Teasers!


Tera. An action MMORPG, known for its crazy end-game gear grind and action-combat is now ready to make the leap, into the air.

For the last couple of weeks, Tera has slowly been revealing parts of what will be in it’s next large update, Secrets and Shadows. As you may or may not have seen, they will be adding the new Elin exclusive class, the Ninja. Here is the teaser video;

sanguineDungeon02-3583b596e953e2eef4a8e879d58d37adIt’s not like we needed another Elin class (I’m looking at you Reaper) but I guess the Reaper did well enough that En Masse wanted another one. Unlike the Reaper, the Ninja wil be like any other class, starting at level one and having to go through the beginning areas. As you can see, they specialize in deceptive skills and speed, making them potentially broken against slower classes in PvP. But, that’s to be expected from any new class. Fingers crossed that they’re balanced enough on launch.

The expansion will also feature new story elements that bring along new dungeons with it. The Demokron Factory, a level 65, 7-player raid dungeon, and the Shadow Sanguinary, a regular, 5-man level 65 dungeon. There is also the introduction of the Celestial Arena. The “Celestial Arena offers 12 waves of random monsters that will test your skill, determination, and solo prowess”. Its a single-player, level 65 dungeon. One can only wonder what the rewards from this one will be and no doubt there will be a monthly or weekly leader board attached to it as well.

Perhaps the most exciting part about this whole new patch is the addition of flying mounts into Arun.

After completing a level 65 questline, TERA players will be granted a permanent flying mount they can use to get a birds-eye view of “free-fly” zones. – Tera Online

As we can see in the video there are multiple mounts available. Like the starting mounts I’m willing to bet the Pegasus mount is the standard mount, with the lion mounts being cash shop exclusives. The video here doesn’t show too much, but if you look at videos of the Korean game, it looks like there is a boost/sprint gauge while you are flying. I hope there isn’t a limit to how much I can fly!

Secrets and Shadows will be available in Tera this month (May 2016).

Willing to come back to Tera yet? What do you think about flying mounts? What do you think about another Elin class? Let us know in the comments!