This War Of Mine: The Untold Story of War


The Other Side of War

When we hear the word war, we automatically think of the military fighting the other side for a cause and is trying to defeat the “enemy” the best way that they can. We think of the fighting and hassle of the military out there. We think of the violence and killing. What we fail to take into account most of the time is the other side of the war: The people. How are the people affected? What do they do during the war? Don’t they know that it is bad out in that territory that the war is? Why don’t they get out of there? What are they doing? Well this game will finally answer the age old question of what happens to the civilians of the city who are trapped during the war.

How to Survive a War: The Civilian Chapter

This War of Mine is a survival game that puts you through an emotional ride of morals and responsibilities. The art was mostly black and white pencil sketching style which made for a somber look and feel of the game. The gameplay was point and click. Mostly your objective was to survive until a cease fire has been called or hope you can last that long.

The game starts you off with 3 people trapped in the “war zone” of a city (you can add a extras later on). You start in a small house that you can find limited resources to start you off on your survival. The game has 2 settings, Day and Night. During the Day you take care of your survivalists by feeding them, deciding who sleeps, barter for resources like food and water, cook, build and upgrade your equipment, and more. You mostly try and take care of everything in the “Homefront” with the things you have in your possession.

This War of Mine

During the Night, you have to scavenge for resources to help you with surviving the war. You can only chose one person to scavenge at one location for the night. You can then choose people to guard the Homefront while you are away. Choosing these position are very important because of how dangerous it can be for scavenging and guarding during some parts of the war. This is a choice of life or death. Once you have made your choice, you then scavenge for resources and/or try to stay alive. Sometimes you have to make a choice that can have a horrible consequences or great satisfactory with your survivors psyche. Well as the saying goes; all’s fair in love and war.

Once You Play This, It Can Mess With Your Mind

This game can sometime hit home a little bit for people, especially if you have a bleeding heart. This War of Mine forces you to make choices that can hinder another person’s life, or take a life that you really don’t want to. The game has a way of sticking with you even when you are finished. I personally still thought that I was playing after a while, but realized I was still in my house and blessed to be able to have the privilege of having all of my resources near me. This game teaches you a valuable lesson: During a war it’s not always the military that matters, but the citizens who have to survive it.

To learn more about This War of Mine or about the developer 11 Bit Studios, please visit their website here.