Titan Attacks Review (3DS): Annie, Get Your Tank


Looking for a game that’s both easy to pick up and addicting from the start? Look no further than Titan Attacks!

After a quick downloading session in the Nintendo E-store, I booted Titan Attacks up and took a quick look at the controls page which included, (much to my delight), just four short commands. I, of course, jumped right in, not completely understanding what I was doing but enjoying every minute of my confused, yet stimulating alien-butt-kicking session. For a Nintendo 3DS game that seemed destined to live in the shadow of the late and great oldies, Space Invaders and other retros of the like, Titan Attacks provided me with a heap of fun that can be packed into just a few short minutes!


TitanAttacks+2012-02-06+22-59-37-37The controls for TA are as straightforward as they can get; A or R to shoot your tanks standard laser blasts, movement with the toggle or directional pad, and B or L to live the best two seconds of your life. Just kidding, B or L sends out atomic bombs of death but those things are a blast to watch and passing a wave with just the click of a button is a beautiful thing.

So the story here is aliens have finally come to destroy us all and the player and their tank are the only things standing between total extinction of the human race; We’re doomed right? Wrong! Your life is in your own hands; being the last human being has its perks! I wouldn’t want to be around for total destruction anyway… Titan=feels. That’s a whole other story though.

This game is absolutely addicting and has that Galaga/Space Invaders feel that is more than satisfying for all you retro fans. In addition, the most attractive aspect of the game for me was the customization options available after every stage. Tailoring your tank to fit your fighting style is just as fun as putting your weapons into action!


Did your local arcade close down after discovering the decade of disco had ended? Do you miss the hypnotic drone of Pacman? Titan Attacks has one of the most amazing tracks for a game as small as it is. The music played coincides beautifully with each of the stages and I find myself anticipating the next track just as much as I do the next level!

Replay Value

As far as replay value goes, this game is priceless. I find myself playing in every spare moment, sitting on the bus? Titan Attacks! On a plane? Titan Attacks! In an exceedingly boring meeting? You got it, Titan Attacks! This game has turned my DS into as much of a staple as my Iphone and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The multiplayer aspect of this game is like the cherry on top of a very short and delicious ice cream sundae. After clearing a few stages for the first time you should be able to check your ranking on the leaderboards where you will find that I am most definitely not up there. The first couple times I went through the game, I made it to wave 17 (The Mother ship) and failed miserably every time.


Curve Digital, whom developed and published Puppy Games‘ Titan Attacks for consoles and now Nintendo 3DS, has done an excellent job with this title and I look forward to playing their next releases. If you’re up in the air on this one, get back down, you’re not an alien. Save the world! Titan Attacks is also available on Steam for PC, PS3, PS4, and PSVita, so you just ran out of excuses. I am a firm believer in giving fair warning when it is due; you will most likely lose your social and academic lives. Just putting that out there.

Will we see you in the leaderboards? Sound off below!