Titan of a Release and Xbox Live Falls


It is a big day for Microsoft and the Xbox One.  Its highly anticipated self-proclaimed “Next-Generation Experience,” Titanfall has arrived. Its time for players to wall run, kick faces, and cause havoc with massive titans! There is just one big problem for some players; Xbox Live isn’t cooperating. It has been reported that Xbox Live is having core issues where many users are unable to sign in. Forget typical server connection issues, these players can’t even log into their profile. With every big launch, comes problems and online issues and instability are no stranger to online gamers. These issues have become very common but is this an Xbox Live or Titanfall issue? Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, assures us that this is “not a Titanfall issue.”


Big journalism site said this.  Big business corporation said that. It’s times like these I’d rather go straight to the source: the gaming community. It turns out that these sign-in issues may indeed be for the Xbox One only and not Xbox Live as a whole.  While gamers are having no luck signing into their Xbox One, they sign into their Xbox 360 just fine.


Some user comments from various sites like N4g were complaining they couldn’t even sign into XBL through their computers. I tested the waters and signed into my account on my laptop which worked fine.  Also, I went ahead and turned on my Xbox 360 which also signed me in fine. So, either this might be just an Xbox One issue or XBL is being really picky and choosey with what works and what doesn’t and for who. Of course, these are just a couple sources, including myself so take this all with a grain of salt. Two things are for certain though, Xbox Live is down for a lot of gamers are they paying for it, literally.

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I feel bad for these people spending hard earned money on a $500 console to not be able to play its most anticipated game. Just so we don’t end this article on a sad note, here is a joke: Titanfallblog is putting blame on the cloud for the Xbox Live issues… that’s right, the CLOUD! If that doesn’t put a smile on your face or a laugh in your belly, I don’t know what will!

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What do you think about Xbox Live having issues day one of Titanfall’s release? Have you been affected? and Do you think Titanfall and the cloud are to blame? Let us know!

Sources: Titanfallblog | N4G

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  • Lmao! Erica, you’re stupid! This sucks though for people having this issue. It’s not like Titanfall has a story mode to rely on in times like these. Bummer. If I had the money I’d get the 360 or PC version.


  • Oh snap, I’m famous!! 🙂

    Anyway, this issue really pissed me off, but not just because I couldn’t play Titanfall. The thing that pissed me off the most was that I couldn’t sign in AT ALL. Meaning that I couldn’t even sign into my account offline and still play games. That is a real serious issue considering that all of our save files are linked to our gaming accounts and won’t register unless we’re logged into that account. So that means that I wouldn’t have been able to play any of my XB1 games while collecting achievements and saving my data. The many times that both XBL and PSN have been down, we’ve still been able to sign in offline and play our games normally.

    Also what I found strange was that it only affected some people, as stated in my tweet there. So why were some people (like myself) affected, and others weren’t? It makes no sense, and I would really like to hear some type of answer, although I doubt that will happen.

    Well, I’m sure this issue has been fixed by now, so everything I just said is probably moot, but had to get it off my chest.