E3: Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Details and Release Date


EA took the stage at E3 starting with a bang. Titanfall 2 introduced the show giving us an exclusive look into its multiplayer and single player. Respawn also had a welcome for the PS4 players who will now join Titanfall for the first time.

Here is the Titanfall 2 multiplayer trailer:

Some things to note while watching this awesome trailer is that pilots now have a grappling hook in combat. This was used to pull closer to the objective, as well as take out pilots in the air after ejecting from a titan. There is also what seems to be take down and melee finishing moves for the pilots which when added to the wall running and sliding along the ground, adds very new dynamics to the combat in the game. The titans also have some new moves of their own. Titan Smash! In this trailer, we see a titan smash down on the enemy team. This looks very fun to use and definitely adds more unique moves to the titans, which is what a lot of fans wanted.

Respawn also mentioned that there will be a lot more customization to the titans. Now, what this exactly means is yet to be seen. Personally, I’d love to see more customization with how my titan looks, reflecting my play style and personality. Also, more pilot customization is welcomed as well! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. It was also announced that we can sign up for the upcoming technical play tests in the future at www.titanfall.com.

The confirmed single player trailer was also shown! Check it out:

We get a taste of a story surrounding a titan that lost its pilot and has to continue its mission. “Protect the pilot!” It’s going to be interesting to see how in depth this story goes and how it shapes a world we wanted more of in its predecessor. We also now have a confirmed release date!

Titanfall 2 releases October 28, 2016! Will you be there calling in your titan? What did you think of the reveal trailers? Let us know!

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