Titanfall Beta Not Coming to Xbox 360! Respawn Tweets Info to Fans


Today it was confirmed by Respawn that the highly anticipated Titanfall will have a beta very soon for the Xbox One and PC.  Those waiting to play Titanfall on the Xbox 360 will have to keep waiting as the 360 will not be included in the beta.

According to Gamespot, it would “be safe to assume that the beta will be exclusive to PC and Xbox One,” because BluePoint Games is working on the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, not Respawn. So this could really come as a bummer to Xbox 360 owners who can’t wait to get their hands on Titanfall.

Here is a tweet from Respawn that made this news official:

01nobeta360However, Xbox 360 owners along with the rest of the world can watch videos of Titanfall beta gameplay because Respawn has also tweeted that beta players will be allowed to upload gameplay footage:

01canwepostvids I was very impressed with Respawn showing great interaction with fans on twitter! Here are more important questions answered by Respawn:

Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions will run on the same servers:


Titanfall will NOT support local split screen multiplayer:01splitscreen

No preorder is required to play the beta:

01preorderSo there you have it. A Titanfall beta is coming, with a date yet to be announced. Rumor is that it is coming February 14th but we’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned to SheAttack.com for all things Titanfall and in the meantime, answer these!:

Will the Titanfall beta be your valentine Feb 14th? How do you feel about Xbox 360 not getting a beta or any of the other information Respawn has tweeted? Let us know!

Sources: Gamespot, Polygon

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  • Aww, what a bummer. 🙁

  • Beautifully presented. I’m still keeping up with Titanfall in spite of the collective disappointment.

  • While it is disappointing that people who were/are getting this on 360 won’t be able to try it out before it comes out, it’s not surprising. This game was touted as a huge title for the Xbox One, so it’s no surprise that it’s the system they really want to see how well the game operates well on. I’ll definitely be trying it out when the Beta comes out. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  • Hey Dan I know I can count on you for a honest opinion so definitely let me know(or make a vid) on your beta thoughts! I will probably try it on my uncle’s X1. But hey you see how it says same servers. So that means I can play with you and other xbox one’ers…if I had it on 360 later on right?

  • Thanks Nia! 😀 Yeah, I think this game is on people’s radar regardless if buying or not. It’s THAT GAME that has a lot of hype and people want to see if it lives up to it.