My Top 5 SNES Games I Still Play


Killer Instinct

I know the updated version is already released on the Xbox One as a free-to-play download, but nothing beats the original Killer Instinct on Super NES. I spent countless hours honing my combo skills with Spinal, Orchid, Glacius and Saberwulf. Riptor and Cinder were my second set of favorites. Why do I still play it? Because I love the combo and the killer moves. Eventually I will get the Xbox One version and put my old school skills to the test.


I have a thing for Monopoly. I own two Monopoly games on Xbox 360, Fortune Street which comes close to Monopoly, and I have the board game which I had updated when the Millennium Version out. But every so often I go back to the SNES version, why? Because its easy to cheat in that game. Duh!!

I apologize for the annoying music in the game, but it can’t be helped. I usually set the game’s music to off. 

Lethal Enforcers

I still have my gun accessory that came with Lethal Enforcers. I have no idea what possessed my mom to get me this violent game but I loved every minute of it. She has a thing for Westerns and Clint Eastwood so I think the game was based on Dirty Harry adventures, at least the cover image looks just like him. You’re a cop on missions rescuing hostages and stopping all types of criminals. I used to own the practice ranges, making Captain status!

Check out the practice mode below:


The game design is simply magnificent. I loved just flying around blowing shit up, going through hoops. I’d do barrel rolls just to do them. If there were achievements and trophies then, I would have platinum-ed!


Some might have never heard of this game and if you’re one of them, damn because you just don’t know what the true 9th circle of hell really means! Zoop is more addicting than Candy Crush or Flappy Bird. Imagine that. The object of the game is to zap away color gems that equal to your cursor. Every time you change your cursor, you have to zap that color. There isn’t a timer, it’s just adding difficulty every time you pass a level. Its like Tetris, because the gems keeping building up to where your cursor is. It’s so freaking cool. I made it up to like level 16 if I can recall. I should probably do a proper review, but hey, I’m just telling you why I keeping playing these classics.


Isn’t the music freakin’ awesome?

Honorary Mention: Mega Man X

Every so often I’d pop in this piece of hell just to see if I can ever beat the damn game. And the answer is still no. I even have all the codes. I’d fill up all 4 extra meter packs and go to the final boss. I’d beat the first two parts but then die quickly in the third part. I don’t get it. I could beat levels in Demon Souls but can’t go back and beat Mega Man X? This is the only SNES game I’ve never beaten.

RIP Super Mario World and Street Fighter 2: Turbo

Sadly, I lent out these two games along with my SNES console to my older cousin. I shouldn’t say “lent”, more like “gave away” because I never saw these two awesome games nor my console again. So I ended up buying a FC3 Plus System that lets me play SNES, NES and Genesis games. However, I’m going to buy a newer console that allows me to play those games and use my original accessories. I still have accessories for Mario Paint, Lethal Enforcers and my SNES Turbo controller. Oh Yeah!

Do you still enjoy the classics today?

Share the retro games that you still play below!

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  • You’re awesome, Q lol.

  • *Takes A Bow* Why thank you fair Maiden!

  • That’s a really unique list. I’ve never even heard of some of those games. I did play the original Killer Instinct and Star Fox though, and they were both awesome. BTW, the new Killer Instinct on Xbox One is a lot easier to play than the older game, in case you wanted to know.

    Here’s my list for fun. Warning, not original!:

    1. Super Mario World
    2. Donkey Kong Country 2
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
    4. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    5. Super Mario RPG

  • I don’t even remember how I found sine if the games I have. I have pinnocio snes.

  • I still play Super Mario Cart, and Flashback

  • There are so many SNES games I could play anytime! I always go back to Contra III, Castlevania 4, and Super Mario World.. I loved your little RIP part at the end haha I played those two games like crazy. Loved Street Fighter II, that was really the last fighter I played and was good at. I could always play Super Metroid too as long as I had a lot of hours to kill. So many great games

  • Thanks Erica! I forgot to put in my Donkey Kong SNES games. I thought i still had them but they aren’t in my stash. I might have gave them away too as I have them on my Wii via Virtual Console

  • Isaias Frias

    SNES is still on display at my home. Best system EVER!!!!