Undertale Dev Hints At Possible Expanded Content


Toby “Radiation” Fox’s Twitter is often a pleasant read – be it his silly comments about daily life or the thanks he gives to Undertale fans – but New Years Eve 2015 we received this set of tweets:


The quote “it’s very nature is shrouded in darkness” harkens back to Undertale’s Kickstarter update page, which details Toby’s possible plans to expand on the Undertale universe with the money left over from making the game. On the page he describes the possibility of comics, which will have reportedly have the input of Kickstarter backers. Backers could suggest a look at a character’s backstory, or events could be explored; world lore could be expanded on, etc. The second possible project would be another game, but Toby is coy about its subject matter, saying “[He] can’t say anything about it,” followed by the aforementioned, “…shrouded in darkness” quote.

Toby would go on to post these tweets the following New Year’s Day:


At this point its all up to speculation as to what the content could be, if  it comes to be, and what relationship it would have to the previous installment. For now fans are left to guess and wait; there’s an awful lot of things unsaid in the quirky little RPG, and while its fun to leave things to the imagination, it would be cool to see a bit of what Undertale has lying underneath.

Toby is notably tight-lipped about Undertale when interviewed, so any information he could have on future projects will be up to him to disclose. Regardless, I’ll be keeping an eye out, and eagerly-but-cautiously await further developments. As Toby has said: “Anything ‘new’ will take infinitely long and likely disappoint anyone who gets super hyped.”

Think its just rumors, or will Toby make good on his promise he made on KS? What do you think it could be about? Leave it in the comments!