Unity Is Key To The Black Gaming Community


I felt I had to do a minor rant/real talk article about the state of the Black Gaming Community especially present on Youtube. My observation of our community is the lack of unity present. There’s too much sabotaging, backstabbing, cock-blocking, ego boosting going on that doesn’t get our people anywhere further in the games industry. I notice only a handful of successful Black game journalists and they didn’t get to where they are by pretending to help their fellow journalists and gamers. They actually HELPED them. They were in a unified state. You don’t have to take, take, take to be unified. You give and you take, a balance. Nothing comes for free but your self-respect shouldn’t be on sale.

Here’s my full article about shaping up the Black Gaming Youtube Community.

How do you feel about the Black gaming community or your own diverse gaming community? What improvements would you make?
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Quaisha A. Thornton is an Gamer/Writer/Editor/Entrepreneur/Tech Trainer/Marketing Consultant. She is the Founder/CEO of DelightfulCritics.com, a social club for critics of entertainment. Starting up an advertising consultant business, she hopes to promote and advertise "fan-made ads and content" from the video game industry. Quaisha speaks her mind about the industry including sexism vs games, women in the industry, writes about multiplayer/co-op gaming and gives gamer relationships advice all at CutieDDDGamer.com.
  • I didn’t really know this subculture existed. This is interesting.

  • Ooohhhhh, touchy subject! It hurts lol. You’re right though. That “crabs in a barrel” syndrome is real. This is why I stay in my lane and don’t sweat the small stuff. Black YouTubers who keep their heads on straight do make it. Black Nerd Comedy and HipHopGamer (regardless of how people feel about him) have made names for themselves in the gaming industry. It can happen if you keep your head on the prize.

  • I’m attempting to make hybrid gaming channel and I have to admit that I actively try to stay away from the majority of the known black YouTubers. Honestly besides the drama they have no point of even existing on YouTube because they’re are so many who do it better with less drama… together. Would be nice if we had our own little “club” where we could get useful info and commentary without the drama and fanboyism and say I supported my fellow brother or sister. Unfortunately that doesn’t really exist.

  • there is, unfortunately, a lot of truth to this article. I initially gravitated to the black gaming youtube community because I wanted a different perspective on gaming. Majority of the journalists in the industry are white, and although there is nothing wrong with that, I longed to hear from other groups of people. Maybe groups/communities that I could identify with more on some levels.

    And I did find some of that actually. I loved it.

    But I quickly realized that although talented and dedicated. Too much effort was being spent discrediting or “EXPOSING” other content providers with a following. Lets be honest, sometimes they deserve it. lol Im entertained by it sometimes.

    But its not professional, and often ends up extremely offensive.

    Some of that kind of activity often brings with it, the bottom of the barrel and often most ignorant of youtubers to the comment sections. So not only does the content suffer, but the comment section is bombarded by shit that makes you wonder if human beings as a whole even deserve to be around. The mass amounts of lunacy that you find in these comment sections lol

    Both these things combined, discredit the community. Discredit the otherwise talented and intelligent content providers. Basically making it so nobody in the community can be taken seriously on a professional level.

    Honestly, this ego driven, I’m smart, your dumb, you got exposed stuff is hard to turn away from. I’ve personally fallen back on it here and there after vowing to never participate in that manner again lol. Sometimes someone says something ignorant or rude, and you just don’t want to stand idle and let it go “unpunished”. That’s going to happen.

    I think a good start for the Black gaming Youtube community is to not post content that is intended in addressing individuals with a particularly idiotic or twisted view. Just provide content that can stand on its own. Content should react to news, and not individuals. Nia mentioned staying in your own lane, and I think that is tremendously important. Lastly, keep it professional. Its fine to express your displeasure in certain turn of events, but don’t let it turn into a rage rant.

    As far as stereotpyes. In general I don’t agree with fitting into these boxes, whatever they may be. But they can be used as an entry point. They can be maneuvered successfully. Hopefully when used, it can be done so as a foot in the door kind of thing that branches out from that if that’s what you want.

    Again, I don’t like it when people are put in boxes, but I can definitely see the possibility of someone playing off that to find a way to further legitimize a community on a professional level. That’s not to say everyone should, but some could and sometimes should, so long as your not selling yourself out or trying to be something your not. Like the hiphop gamer, he loves hiphop too, so that route works for him.

    As members of communities in need of more mainstream representation, Not all our moves can be Queen moves, sometimes some pawn and rook level setups get us the win at the end of the day.

  • Wow, that’s rough. It’s hard to say how I feel about this sort of thing. The minority groups and/or subcultures I would be a part of don’t really have a visible community that I know of. I often wonder how people who share certain traits with me feel about coping with the implications, as gamers and as human beings. As far as gamers go, it’s unfortunately somewhat rare to find gays and lesbians, transgender people, those with developmental disabilities, et cetera, who are willing and able to talk about their experiences. Or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but that idea by itself is troubling.

  • We Need More Unity that’s what we need. Especially this Hard8 vs Nxgen Crap is ridiculous son. Video games suppose to be fun and Entertaining. And I came into this gaming community. Iam all about Keeping it gaming and Meeting new firends on here.As Iam doing now. But Definitley on this topic We Need more unity. not just in games in everything in Life!

  • Agreed ChariotMan! Unity and respect for the craft is what is lacking.

  • Aaron Arnold

    I believe this is really true. And its not just happening in gaming, but in all fields.

    The assumption people of our color is they dont wanna help other blacks because we’re probably not qualified and lazy or they don’t wanna seem like they only support blacks.

    I get it every time i explain that i grew up in the ghetto in Baltimore. People assume i listen to rap, i sag my pants, I’m a whole bunch of problems.

    Until i start talking.

    But we’ve gotta lead by example. Be like Prometheus and bring enlightenment to the people you love.