Unraveling EA at Gamescom


Some of you may have stayed up late (or gotten up early) for EA’s opener at Gamescom. They made various livestreams to watch it from, including one on their own site. If you didn’t watch it, have a look here because it is a doozy. It is an hour long, but it’s worth watching. It’s like they had a party while they were introducing the games (and at one point they did start a party for real).

This opener got me excited about games I don’t even care about. I have never experienced the need for Need for Speed, but their showing made me feel like I was watching an action movie. The new Fifa 16/FUT Draft also looks great, and while I could rant for an hour about how much I don’t like sports games, even I have to admit it looks fantastic and even features a bunch of female players, including this year’s winner, Team USA. I didn’t even know about the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst announcement, but it may end up on my computer full-time when it comes out. I absolutely hate first-person games, but I think I can look past that with this game. The visuals are beautiful and adrenaline-inducing. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, at least look up the trailers for each of the games they showed.

Two Star Wars titles were shown – that looked epic – as well as Unravel, a game that I think will be my new favorite. It’ll be my new zen game for sure. Listen to the gorgeous music and look at those graphics. I want my own Yarny and I really hope EA will capitalize on the cuteness and sell some Yarny plush dolls. It’d be great as a pre-order bonus.


Of course, there were things I wasn’t so thrilled about. Some of the speakers didn’t sound very enthusiastic to me – which hindered my excitement a bit. EA’s choice of Sims 4 expansion packs were also a disappointment. One Twitter user made a sarcastic remark about what they’d do if the expansion didn’t involve toddlers and pets and I agreed. While the Get Together expansion looked great, I really was hoping for a pets expansion. The pets expansion packs are always popular, so I’m not sure why EA is waiting so long for it. The only reason I’m still playing Sims 4 is because Get To Work introduced functionality that greatly improved the game. I can only hope Get Together will do the same. I was also disappointed that, yet again, there is no news of a sequel to Spore.

The new Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 looked fine. It wasn’t anything I would personally get excited about, but I’m sure PvZ fans are stoked for this new inclusion. It looks pretty good from here and I’m sure it looked great at EA’s booth at Gamescom.

All in all, EA had a solid opener for Gamescom this year. It featured a bunch of games that have really gotten me psyched about the next season of their offerings. I’ll definitely be indulging in a few on my PC when they release. I may even pre-order them as a result of my excitement.

What did you think of EA’s lineup? Excited? Disappointed? Comment below and let us know!