Varia Games: “We Love Nintendo”, ReVeN is Fit for Wii U

SheAttack was very fortunate in getting an interview from Varia Games on their upcoming title, “ReVeN”. ReVeN is a Sci-fi sidescrolling adventure title with RPG elements. ReVeN’s claim to fame comes from its heavy inspiration from the beloved Metroid series. Below, the makers of ReVeN detail more about the upcoming title. Pay close attention, you may have your questions answered as well!

SheAttack: First and foremost, I am personally a HUGE Metroid fan and going by your company name, I can see that you guys are as well. Watching the Kickstarter campaign trailer left me feeling very excited and anxious to play ReVeN. When can we expect to actually get our hands on the game on PC and on Wii U? Have you decided on a price point for the game?

Varia Games: We are planning to release the game between 2015 and 2016. The time of release will depend on if we reach our 37,000 stretch goal. The game will sell for just $14.99.

SA: When deciding which 8th generation console to put ReVeN on, why the Wii U? Is it possible that we’ll see this game on the Xbox One or PS4 in the future?


VG: We Chose the Wii U because we love Nintendo and believed a greater fan base of Side-Scrollers rested on the Wii U. The engine we are using (Construct 2) now comes with a Wii U exporter which also supports our decision.
SA: Indie games are huge on consoles right now, how successful do you see ReVeN becoming on the Wii U? Do you have a set goal for the success of ReVeN?


VG: We don’t really have any specific projections, however we are pushing to sell over 100,000 units via Steam, and hopefully more through Wii U.
SA: ReVeN is definitely a love letter to the 2D Metroid series, which I and many Metroid fans are excited about, but what about ReVeN makes it different from Metroid?
VG: ReVeN makes use of a unique combination of gameplay elements similar by design to Crysis’ ability to switch suit modes around or Deus Ex mechanic of constructing abilities for your character to increase things like speed, weapon damage, jump height, etc. The Energy Divergence Module combines these RPG-like gameplay elements into one single mechanic where the player mines minerals>constructs abilities>powers these abilities. The player will have the freedom to switch their energy around as they see fit and the only permanent choices they will have to make rests in the abilities; Once you’ve constructed an ability, there is no going back on that choice.
SA:  Metroid is definitely all about atmosphere, based on the trailers and tech demos I’ve seen on YouTube about the game, the music used definitely sets the tone. Will these tunes also be in the game? Who made the music and what role does each team member play in the creation of ReVeN?


VG: We have an excellent composer on our side, Mark McLemore, who is doing a great job at capturing the atmosphere of our game both in art style and overall feel. He has worked on a great deal of material already, and some of the main tracks you heard will be featured in our game at specific times.
As far as the rest of the team goes, here’s a quick breakdown:
Austin Morgan: Lead Programmer, Lead Environment Artist, Lead Story Development, Lead Effects Artist.
John Rogeles: Lead Character Artist, Lead Animator, Lead UI and HUD Artist, Lead Web Design/Marketing.
Mark McLemore: Musical Genius, Sound Effects Artist.
Ian Stanley: Content Promotion, Marketing.
Bernardo Rozewicz: Content Promotion, Marketing.
Josh Brake: Story Writing.
Taylor Luckenbill: The Voice of eVe.


SA: Tell us a little bit about the main character, SyRek. What types of powerups, moves, and skills does he use in the game?


VG: “SyRek is 400 year old android war veteran and one of the last surviving members of The Exanimen; they were part of the highly successful espionage program: Project SyPhos. He’s a highly Specialized war machine, who was given the ability to think on his own without the use of a hive mind network.”
SyRek’s abilities are broken down into 4 categories: Sensors, Shield, Weapons, and Mobility. He has the ability to increase his shield to take massive damage, or Jump super high into the air or even run so fast he breaks the sound barrier. His weapons can become very powerful when built up; the Burst Shock can create a powerful chain lightning that strikes multiple enemies at a time or the Flame Strike can catch enemies on fire doing massive damage over time.


SA: What about ReVeN do you feel gamers will enjoy or appreciate?


VG: We believe players will appreciate the time we’ve put into every aspect of the game from gameplay to character animations, Level art and design and how the overall flow of the game leads and directs players while giving them options. The soundtrack and voice overs also creates a great sense of immersion pulling the player into the game’s universe making the storyline feel more believable.
SA: I see that on Kickstarter, you guys have done a fantastic job of reaching closer to your goal. Congratulations! What features, etc. do you plan to implement into the game when reaching your other stretch goals?


VG: We’re planning a multiplayer component and adding on two more environments that we’ve got in store. Most importantly we really wanna get past 37,000 to give us enough funding so we can focus soley on the game and make it the best experience possible while also releasing it sooner.


SA: You guys are also featured on Steam Greenlight. What does this mean to you as game makers?


VG: Steam Greenlight is Valve’s approval system for Indie Devs wanting to sell on their Content Delivery System(Steam). Steam is a great opportunity for all Indie-developers who get greenlit, and all we need from people to help ReVeN become “greenlit” is go to the link below and vote on our game for it be taken into consideration by Valve.


SA: Are there any other important points or facts about ReVeN that I may have missed or you would like our readers to know?


VG: We’re working very hard to make ReVeN a memorable experience and we can’t wait to show you more of what’s in store!


Thanks to all of you for tuning into our interview with Varia Games! Check out the ReVeN Kickstart trailer below!


How do you feel about this game? Are you excited to play it? Do you think that it’s something you would be interested in purchasing?
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  • Wow this looks awesome. I’m a huge metroid fan and I can see the metroid inspiration written all over this game! Just way more colorful and I can see they put their own twist on it to make it their own. Very nice article Nia!

  • This could be the only side-scrolling RPG I’ll ever play. Was never a fan of Metroid (I’m not fond of many older games because of the difficulty factor) but I recognized its impact on the gaming industry and Nintendo so I can see how this game would resonate with many fans of Metroid. Imitation is the highest form of flattery they say 😀

  • Kevin Cruz

    I already backed this game. I really want it to be successful.

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