Hot Men Month – RPG Edition


During another hilarious #SheAttackAfterDark episode this weekend, the ladies and I hopped on the topic of good-looking male video game characters. Here is my top 10 list of personal favorite male characters in RPGs. Note that this is my personal opinion and I’ve chosen these characters based on overall character, as well as looks, on who I am more attracted to. There is no order here, only hot guys from video games.

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Adell – Disgaea 2

I have a fondness for this game, mostly because it was the first (and to this day the only) Disgaea game that I have beaten. Also, because of those muscles. I mean, damn son.


Balthier – Final Fantasy XII

Because he is a gentleman and a damn good fighter if I might add. His accent is also so lovable and his backstory is just as complicated as the rest of the characters. Good show, sir.


Riku – Kingdom Hearts

No kid should be that muscular. That aside, Riku’s complicated nature and tortured road down trying to save everyone his own way is still awesome. I especially loved him in Kingdom Hearts 2. What can I say? Long hair gets to me.


Snow Villiers – Final Fantasy XIII

Haters gonna hate, but Snow in Final Fantasy XIII (I don’t care so much for the last two iterations, I prefer this one) is damn fine. The fact that he is dedicated to saving Serah and being the “hero,” as cheesy as it is, is endearing. Also, the fact that he is voiced by Troy Baker doesn’t hurt either.


Luke von Fabre – Tales of Abyss

He’s such a whiny prick in the beginning, but he eventually gets a kick in the butt and gets his shit together for the better. I love his abs…*ahem* hair…


Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

That’s right, not Cloud, not Zack, but the one and only Sephiroth. I was so close to putting Vincent on here, goddamn that Turk suit in Dirge of Cerberus was fiiine, but I love my silver haired men and Sephiroth is so bad that he’s good.


Yosuke – Persona 4

You think with the trend of me liking silver haired men that I would have chosen the main character of Persona 4 here. I would have, but I have to have some interesting picks on this list too! Yosuke’s ability to make me laugh out loud while playing the game is something that I can’t easily say I have with other characters. It’s his dorky character that gets him on this list.


Kuja – Final Fantasy IX

Kuja is the shit. Before you get all judgmental, unless you aren’t already by the time you get to this entry, what other male characters have you seen wear a thong? (Answer in the comments!) His story is also amazing and pretty much made FF9 one of my favourite gaming experiences ever.


Jude – Tales of Xillia

Sometimes I do love the good guys. Jude was an amazing character and one that you really see a drastic change in throughout the game. He’s not that bad on the eyes either.


Joshua – The World Ends With You

My favourite character from the game and the most mysterious until the very end. He levitates while fighting so thats pretty awesome in itself.



I might have a slight thing for muscular, silver-haired bad-guys… Just saying.

If there is an RPG guy that I missed with this short list that you think is hot, tell us in the comments below! Don’t be shy!

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  • Look at all these nice boot-ehs, oh damn!

    Sephiroth is damn fine! I don’t care lol.

  • And here I thought you were all like ‘I don’t like them RPG guys though’ XD

  • He’s the ONLY exception lol.

  • lol, also request that you do a Street Fighter/fighter edition :3

  • Devon

    Wah! Poor Vincent, he totally should have been on this list. 😉

  • I was thinking about doing one for villains and anti-heroes lol.

  • I should have put him in as a ‘runner up’ or ‘honourable mentions’ XD

  • Kristen Haynes

    Jude from tales of xillia? Heck naw! King Gaius from tales of xillia’s more like it

  • Adult Hope from Final Fantasy XIII-2 would probably make my list. xD Also, Yuj from FF 13.

  • OMG i forgot about Yuj, I fucking love his character design. I would have put them both but that would have been a lot of FF13 on the list XD

  • Gaius is a hot man indeed. I cannot wait for Tales of Xillia 2 <3

  • The ironic thing about this is that you couldn’t even tell that some of these characters were even men just by looking at them…..just saying lol

  • LMAO! Dan, you just jelly. XD

  • ……….maybe of Balthier, he’s pretty cool, probably my favorite character in FFXII……..but to everyone else on the list, hell no lol