The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale “No Going Back” Review


Warning to readers! There may be subtle spoilers in this review! I will not flat out say what happened but I will discuss my feelings and thoughts on standout moments in the episode so it may spoil the episode for you. You have been warned!

Now let’s get to this review! It’s no secret that Telltale does such an amazing job on The Walking Dead. Because the bar has been raised so high from previous episodes, I did go into this finale expecting to be left satisfied and a little teary eyed once again. I’m happy to report both happened with a small exception!

The previous episode Amid The Ruins ended with an incredible cliffhanger that left my jaw dropped. No Going Back immediately carry’s on from where it left off and shows what happened in that intense moment.  As the episode progresses, the group is under a lot of tension and the burden is placed on Clementine to become the peacemaker. No Going Back is a very volatile episode. One minute things are okay, the next they are not, and the episode felt like a ticking time bomb where I knew something bad was going to happen; it was just a matter of when.

It isn’t pretty, there are some dark feelings in these characters that are brought to the surface and not everyone can be trusted. Clementine finds that out the hard way, having to make one of the hardest decisions she’s ever had to make. I actually felt a little angry at a particular character that I was forced to make the decision I did.  I am always amazed that this game can have me feel such a way.  Isn’t this supposed to just be a videogame? Here I am feeling angry at a character and talking at my TV, asking “Why did you have to do that?!” I’m sure everyone who has played this game from the beginning will do the same and will really appreciate how this episode can make them feel.

As for the gameplay, there were some intense moments such as breaking up fights between characters, walking on thin ice, and shooting down zombies in the snow.  I especially got a kick out of Clementine and how smooth she is with a gun now. However, the story and character development is really what shines and that is consistently what makes Telltale’s The Walking Dead so unique and unforgettable. That is what makes us care about these characters and give a damn if they live or die.

My only gripe was the final minutes.  After some intense moments that really defined this episode, it continued for a few more minutes and I’m not sure it should have. Don’t get me wrong, I am still anticipating next season and can’t wait to play more but the ending just didn’t have a lot of meat on it.   It wasn’t enough to ruin the episode though so no harm done. Considering how great the episode was, a fantastic ending would almost be too perfect and too much to ask for. All in all, I loved the season 2 finale and I look forward to next season.

Have you played No Going Back yet? What did you think of the season finale?


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