Walmart Starts Black Friday Early! XBOX ONE/PS4 Games at $49!


Starting today, Walmart is matching select Black Friday deals from Target, Best Buy, and Toys R’ Us! Here are screen shot details from the official Walmart site: walmart walmart2

Do not take “select PS4 and Xbox One” video games too literally as I discovered it is EVERY game! Check this out!


Same goes for PS4 so get out there and get your Black Friday shopping done early! Also worth noting: I decided to swing by Target since I was in the area and they are NOT honoring the $49 price now to match Walmart. That price will still be honored at Target on regularly scheduled Black Friday, the 29th. Looks like Walmart is a step ahead!

Will you be purchasing any next gen games at Walmart? How about on Black Friday? Let us know your Black Friday strategy!

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