Worms W.M.D: Talking Worms Blowing Stuff Up (PS4 Review)


The first word that comes to mind when I think about this game is difficult. Stop right there. Don’t write this game off just yet. Let me explain. Worms W.M.D has the look and feel of a classic online browser game packed into a polished console game. Despite the look of the game, it is much more complex than a bunch of worms shooting each other with massive weapons.

Worms W_M_D_20160907224535


The art style is pretty simplistic. It is a 2D game that gives off a casual game feel. For the most part, the graphics are pretty clean and I haven’t noticed anything about them that would make me less immersed into what’s happening on screen. Perhaps my favorite part about this game is the customization options. You can change the hat your worm is wearing, the animation they do when they are victorious, and the tombstone that takes their place once they die. There are quite a few options which makes this game much more enjoyable. There’s just something about a worm wearing a plunger on its head, shooting a bazooka at a worm with a full head of hair that makes me not want to put the controller down.

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The background music and effects are non-obtrusive. So much so, that your attention is elsewhere during the game. My ears were focused on the worms themselves. They speak! Every time you launch an attack at another worm, or an attack is launched at you, your worm will speak. This is customizable as well. You can choose from a variety of voices that your team of worms can use, ranging from British worms to those who make content and stream on the internet. The problem with this is that the voice acting can pretty repetitive. I can only hear my worm talk about losing subscribers before wanting to mute the game. Also, I feel like the developers missed out on a big opportunity to have the worm’s voice play through the PS4 controller speakers.

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There are a few game modes. Single player encompasses a campaign as well as tutorials for those who have never played a Worms game before. The tutorials are pretty straight forward, but I found myself forgetting what happened after I clicked out of them. It would be helpful to have a tutorial at the end that put all of the skills to the test. When I started campaign mode, I was at a loss because while I knew how to use certain abilities, I didn’t know how they tied into the match as a whole. To me, this felt quite isolating for someone who has never played a Worms game before. It was discouraging to be thrown into a match right away with no knowledge of what is supposed to happen.

Multiplayer comes in a few varieties. There is a local multiplayer and online multiplayer mode which can be either ranked or unranked. Local multiplayer was a blast when I played it on a Beginner Scheme. I was impressed with the customization options for matches. You can create your own scheme with options that work best for you. I liked that I could type in a seed and generate a map to play on.

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Gameplay is turn based. You have a few seconds to move your worm and once they launch an attack, it switches to the opponent’s turn. You take turns using weapons you either spawn in game with, craft, or pick up from crates. This can get repetitive as well. I don’t see myself playing this game for hours on end, but it’s fun for a few quick games with friends.

Now, on to why I say this game is difficult. The menus can be navigated through pretty easily, but there are things that you might not understand on your first few matches. What weapon does what is the biggest flag for me as I find myself either killing myself or wasting bullets. It isn’t clear what the weapon’s blast radius is. Also, the controls are hard to get used to. I find myself launching attacks when I’m simply trying to jump. Because the map can be destroyed (if set to this option), moving around the terrain is tedious. The game is one of strategy. You are supposed to use your terrain, limited ammo and placement on the map (either spawned or assigned by you) to win the game. If you like games that are easy to learn and dive into, this may not be for you.

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  • Several game modes 
  • High replayability value in private or online matches, once you beat campaign mode 
  • Simple yet eye catching design 
  • Good selection of customization options including naming your team of worms.
  • Fun to play against your friends
  • Talking worms
  • Names, spoken lines, and other things throughout the game are purposefully hilarious

Worms W_M_D_20160918123455


  • Takes some practice before jumping into more complex matches 
  • Tutorial is easily forgotten
  • Controls can be confusing
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Little to no story
  • Limited number of single player matches

Worms W_M_D_20160910182816

Rating: 3/5

If you’re looking for the next AAA title, look elsewhere. It may not be a game you find yourself playing nonstop, but Worms W.M.D. is a quick and fun game to play with friends, online, or on your own. If you like strategy games where you pilot a team out to destroy another, you’ll love this game.

Have you had a chance to play Worms or Worms W.M.D.? Let us know your thoughts below!