Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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Day 1 and the Failure to Launch

When was the last time that you went to pick up a brand new game, either at a midnight release or early that next...

ChronoBlade – The Multiplayer Mobile Game

ChronoBlade is a new phone game from nWay with MMO features and a phenomenal and extensive system that looks great on both tablets and...

YouTube Gaming: Next Level or Game Over?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m obsessed with Let’s Plays. Most of the games I’ve bought in the past few months I’ve heard...

RTX 2015: RWBY, Red vs. Blue, Acheivement Hunter, & More

After months of preparation and hype, this past weekend, Rooster Teeth held its fourth annual Rooster Teeth Expo celebrating all things internet and gaming....
ea gamescom

Unraveling EA at Gamescom

Some of you may have stayed up late (or gotten up early) for EA's opener at Gamescom. They made various livestreams to watch it...

E3 2015 Interview: Total War: Warhammer w/ Andy Hall

This year in particular, E3 week has been incredibly exciting. Our very own Erica was fortunate enough to witness the happenings first hand. One...
the binding of isaac rebirth rogue-like games?

Rogue-Like Games?

What makes a game rogue-like? Is it the existence of playable rogue characters? Maybe it stems from stealth elements? Better yet, it could be...

If Pacman Was Given the “Modern Gaming” Treatment

Think back a bit to your earlier experiences with gaming. Move past the overwhelmingly potent sense of nostalgia and really think. Games were awesome...

Never Alone Jump-starts the Cultural Genre

The immense technological growth of both games and the technology we enjoy them with proves nothing short of extraordinary. In these few years, we...
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift and the Future of Virtual Reality

After scouring the internet trying to find something interesting to present to the table, I came across an article that announced that a release...